ungrounded at last

the return of

or my seven days are up

okay, i'll admit to running away from evil at the dogpark, and i'll admit to surfing the parking lot for new twoleggeds to take me home, but i will NEVER admit such actions warranted a week's worth of confinement to quarters. ask wapner. ask joe brown. ask screaming judy. any poodle living with evil has endless justification for seeking relocation. if any of those esteemed jurists knew evil had a poodle, they'd ensure her butt's lifetime incarceration and fight among themselves regarding Who Gets The Poodle. obviously, i'd go home with judy; she knows how to scream at hairy twoleggeds who question the presence of poodle droppings in the domicile.

i digress. anyway, for future use as eight by ten glossies in any court of law, i present photographic documentation of my triumphant return to the ithaker enhoffer park.

this is the giant poodle alex, an all-round good egg and a credit to our breed. to visit the alex gallery and get a better look at his poodoolieness, click on any of the thumbnails.

tongues of one sort or another are always on display at the dog park, giving that DUH look to one and all. you'll notice there is no such picture of me. click on any of the thumbnails to see the tongue gallery.

i am...badpoodle

this is me being the focal point of the park. all leggeds, two and four, were gathered round, worshipping my cute/little/badness. i'm too sexy for my self, too sexy for my self, too sexy by far.

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the ert organizes a train

bernie sniffing milobutt

this is ert, evil rat terrorist of the east. like all terriers, he has a meth lab nestled between his left and right ventricles and lives his life beyond warp speed. he is oblivious of anything but the immediate now and how it relates to the terrier. i don't like him; i don't have to.

here's stevie ray proving he has moments of being incredibly not crippled. the price is all consuming exhaustion, and hairy ends up carrying the lhapso to the car when it's time to leave. funny how the lhegs stop working when we're ready to go home.

this is one of frodoski's babes. he loves her because a) she has two good-smellin' lady enhoffers, b) she smells wondermous, too c) she always has tennie balls, d) she's eye candy.

and so ends another afternoon at the allan tremain park. unfortunately, i decided to again seek housing with better twoleggeds, and evil had a major freak out. frodo, goodpoodle, stevie and the ert were all in the car, and i was halfway down the first field with milo and some fetchindogs, all of whom had sweet-good-kind twoleggeds far more capable of being dominated by my badness. evil finally came and got me, and she held me up and told me to take a good look at things because i wouldn't be returning for a long long time. i hate evil; i have to. notice jackson on the far right; he's watching evil make a scene about poodle relocation. he can't believe a twolegged could be as evil as evil. his twolegged is Good and Kind and should adopt me.

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