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two snakes in our yard. symbolic? perhaps.

placid floating before the fetchin' dogs take to the water

the frodotype profile

frodo finally shows interest in his $17 ball

tug-of-war is less than interesting with hairy

frodes decides to make nice with the babe instead

goodpoodle watches from a safe distance

frodoski with his main babe

amazing! large poodle butt smells just like tiny poodle butt

breeds other than fetchin' dogs are always ready for strokes

hairy wonders if large poodledogs have the same fondness for housepooping as bad and good

evil doesn't want to think about what kind of poopybutt this guy gets

happy campers

imp, the weimaraner-grape stane

these dogs' twoleggeds kept insisting loudly that they were just playing

goodpoodle watches loki's urination technique

we guess he's sniffing for glucose

sully totally grooved on the squishy ball

the ert engaging in his favorite activity

the mighty willard takes down a terrorist

imp and loki dual inspect this terrorist's ends

hairy torturing willard

willard finally escapes

goodpoodle will take sanctuary in any lap he can find it

poor goodpoodle

worthy opponents

ert and angel, the french bulldog

frodo guarding his tennie ball from angel

angel's atailed butt

hairy torturing angel

for every picture of angel here, evil has 10 more on her hal

if angel's twolegged weren't so selfish, evil wouldn't have to settle for pictures

ert reminding hairy how cute erts are

angel's twolegged freaked good out by suddenly picking him up

another shot of fro's best babe

good night, angel