the dog park

ohboyohboyohboy, we're going to the big park with all the grass and trees and water and too many fetchin dogs and cpv tainted poops!

look at all the dogs worshipping the ert!

this is goober displaying reckless abandon while silas sniffs frodoski.

silas is a 7 month old wastiff. his twolegged got him from some guy who put a For Sale ad in the ithaker paper. that guy got him from a breeder in kentucky. the current twolegged says silas has a fancy name but she can't remember it.

frodoski was way less interested in silas than silas was in him.

sniffing session over! let's run to the lake.

this bernie was on his way back from the lake.

we all gathered round to get the water report.

the bernese is blessed with a deep appreciation of terrorists and knows exactly where the terrorist essence is.

i had to give it to her straight: she's just not my type. i wonder how upset alwaysdrivin is to see my dirty black next to the bernie's clean clean clean black.