this is some guy's butt. evil is not what the twoleggeds would call a great photographer.

silas suffered ignominious dragging away from the altar of poop offerings.

noshame silas now displays way too much interest in goober.

digby meets the cairn terrior (who i didn't like).

you can see the cairn's twolegged clearly preferred me.

i had to explain to frodoski that the cairn is an inferior terrior. they can't all be 'folks, you know?

this is it - cayuga's waters.

digby loves to wander about deafly. as long as he doesn't look at the twoleggeds, he can't hear a thing.

the fat great dane trys to hump a golden fetchin dog while silas lays sweet little kisses on goober's neck.

this seemed like the kind of picture that would let your twoleggeds get a good look at silas.