the following people tried to send birthday greetings to the murf murf but were thwarted by the eviltroll who intercepts the murf murf's mail, both postal and cyber. updates will be posted as they become available.

guinness and caffrey tried to send this card early in the week,
probably thinking the troll wouldn't be on the lookout.
she was. the murf murf never received it.

guiness and caffrey again tried to send birthday wishes
to the murf murf and again failed. this card also was
never seen by the murf murf.

the murf murf's celestial friends wanted the murf murf
to see this picture of a wastiff who is NOT the murf murf
being loved and spoiled and adored and not beaten (unlike
the murf murf), but once again, the eviltroll intervened.

molly and doc will be heartbroken to learn
the murf murf didn't receive their thoughtful wishes for
birthday joy, but of course, the eviltroll deleted this
card before the murf murf could see it.

the postal guy delivered this anonymous greeting.

examination of the postmark leads the murf murf
to believe the o-state rock was responsible for the snide
greeting the murf murf didn't receive.

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