unhappy birthday, murf murf

oh happyhappy, joyjoy, the murf murf's birthday has arrived, thus marking TEN long years of suffering by the murf murf at the hands of hairy twolegged and his everchanging cast of girlfriends-cum-murfmommies.

there will be no birthday cake for the murf murf. no gaily wrapped presents.

there will be only lint and suffering for the murf murf on his tenth birthday, a day no different from any of the other miserable days in the murf murf's life.

the murf murf's life started out in wayupstate new york with some twoleggeds named stife. they didn't like the murf murf at all and sold him for hard cold cashdollars to the badbikerboy, hairy twolegged (bob stewart took this picture and chopped off hairy's front tire).

even though the murf murf was just a precious, miniature enhoffer abounding with cuteness/littleness/goodness, hairy twolegged nonetheless initiated a program of intense torture for the baby woofum murf murf.

the first thing hairy did after he brought the murf murf to the red house was to carry him down these stairs to the basement. the murf murf has been locked down here ever since, subsisting on lint.

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