another day of suffering for the murf murf

the crippled can crawl, but they can't see where they're going and often end up in awkward positions. does anyone help the poor, blind, old dog? no. the bastards with whom the murf murf lives laugh at him.

badpoodle knows the murf murf can't see and thus has no fear posing this close to the still deadly enhoffer jaws. granted, few teeth remain in the deadly enhoffer jaws, but the ones extant could easily puncture poodle.

badpoodle tells stevie ray to join him on the murf murf's richly stenchful bedding, but ray knows his lhapso aroma would betray him.

how many living rooms have you seen with the Oh So Fashionable blue tarp floorcovering? evil and hairy have never been anything less than cutting edge.

are you wondering why the murf murf is so inert? the murf murf is recovering from being dragged into the bathroom by evil and hairy and then unceremoniously being dumped in the bathtub. suffering of this magnitude is exhausting.

badpoodle is seriously aware of his cuteness, but has he ever considered this: if he didn't have that fluffy white fur to him, evil never would've begged hairy to buy him.

whoops, the murf murf feels fee fie foe fum poodledom way too near the murf murf. would you like to hear what the murf murf is saying to the poodle? click HERE

the murf murf looks pretty damn good for an enhoffer who's been dying for the past year and a half, ey?

this is as close as the ert will get to the murf murf. though basically too wound up to have a thought, the ert does harbor atavistic levels of self preservation.

this is as close as goodpoodle will get to the murf murf. goodpoodle's autistic and unaware of self preservation. he is, however, healthily multiphobic.