1973 yearbooks
soul sisters


Dearest Julia-

despite the popular (nope, dildoish) opionion of John P. Calvey, I do appreciate the humor of such written amidst three pages of my yearbook. It is most obvious that if one can find no humor amidst the innumberable words, one is a Herman. Valley Central High School is one immence herman! To leave the confines of Valley Central will be one of the truly delightful moments of our lives (also contrary to the J.P. Calvey opinion)- and then it will be on to OUR Syracuse for 4 years of roommating (another contradiction to the opinion of Dr. Lester Dye), and living amidst our own slop with no one telling us to clean up our room and no one ordering us around and no one reigning as our chief clothing coordinator. Stunning!

  1. Two additions to the list:
  2. David Graham
  3. Eileen Murphey (and all the murpheys for that matter)

We leave to Valley Central 1 personalized dildo - nothing more. 8 more days to go, Ju- It shall be a most rewarding day - In all actuality, I think we should rent out a plane on graduation night and have it drop ten million dildos on Joe Haggar's head during commencement. It is a possible thought. We do owe the school something.

It is now, Ju, when I shall close in saying ________, mainly because I shall always have you by my side. You are the bestest Ju in the word - and I love you tremendously.

To Syracuse and the destruction of Valley Central - My Love Always-



dearest Du, fondly called lydia, my fellow herman fighter for the past 17 3/4 years-

as you well realize, this will be the last valley central high school yearbook i'll be dedicating to you (you see, this yearbook isn't actually dedicated to gert and eldred, but rather to you for your 4 years of hatred & contempt for good old V.C. high - which, in my own esteemed opinion, sucks moosecock) - at any rate, after 4 years of this 8 to 2:10 hell, i feel a few things should be mentioned:

  1. i am the only perfectly healthy, nonpregnant individual to have completed 4 years of V.C.HS without attending gym, fondly known as physical education
  2. the school lunches grow on you
  3. john calvey is actually a good soul
  4. fat mag has huge thighs
  5. the activities of slut-whores in valley central is overwhelming
  6. kill them all
  7. we are fully prepared for the joys of syracuse university
  8. i am fully prepared to be an aunt for your 5 beautiful appleseeds
  9. timmy mitchell's picture on page 23 is more than gorgeous
  10. yellow deydeys with black tops are most conducive to good times
  11. your vocabulary is improving (thank you j.p. calvey)
  12. joe haggar & vic dibello are synonomous and interchangeable
  13. we are on the right road
  14. (for emphasis, repetition) kill them all
  15. we fortunately have no school spirit
  16. it is most enjoyable to donate other people's money to worthy charities
  17. that woman we saw could make a lot of money if she advertised herself as an epileptic whore - finest ride east of the mississippi
  18. welcome to new jersey
  19. the student body of valley central high school consists of the following:
    • dildoes
    • armour d-bags
    • queerbates
    • reprobates
    • hermans
  20. why did arlene g. schnee write on my page?
  21. jeffrey george will not go out with me

at any rate, we will never again be forced to sit in valley central shit stain, a place where you are judged by the clothes you wear and the amount of school spirit you have (ridiculous)- unless we're recalled for a factory malfunction, next year will be most enjoyable - i love you mucho for all our times.

lovingly, JU, fellow herman fighter

herman: joe average
dey deys: volkswagon beetles, the real ones
linda & julie are still soul sisters, but with much improved spelling skills.