badpoodle's last chance
no more park for the poodle

so frodoski swims. bfd. evil acts like the damn mastiff is walking on the damn water. her focus on dopey is absolute, and it is beyond my ken why she objects so vigorously to my quest for relocation with twoleggeds who don't focus on walking medullas when there is a poodle to be worshipped. ignorance, of course, is bliss, especially when it's evil being ignorant of me.

were she more aware, i'd be spending my life with dangling feet that never touched the ground, and while that might work if the twolegged keeping you from the ground is elizabeth taylor, the dynamic becomes horrifying in context of the evil troll.

personally, i don't see cause for joy in seeing your en hoffer submerged in the teaming cesspool of cayuga's waters. the southern end, i.e. ithaca, is officially contaminated beyond levels safe for human skin. the swimming zone starts about 30 miles north of ithaker.

anyway, here's frodoski enchanting evil with the simple act of retrieving a stick.

i remain unimpressed.

ert remains oblivious.

the ert can spend hours mindlessly paddling around cayuga lake. he never gets grounded. frodoski can spend hours mindlessly being mindless. he never gets grounded. i'm never mindless. i always get grounded.
q.e.d. grounding=intelligence.