the gate

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though it pains me to say it, jim morrison was occasionally profound, and never moreso than when he commented People Are Strange. this obvium was in our faces last week: we returned to the redhouse next to the whoajeeeeezus building from an outing and were greeted by a clipboard carrying guy. he asked if we were us, something to which we never admit without the all-screening Why. this dude's Because was he wanted to bring groups of kids from the summer program by to see our front gate. the last time we paid ithaker taxes, part of the deal was the sidewalks are public, putting a rhetorical spin to the clipboard dude's question. here's the other shoe: he then asked if the rest of the yard was like the gate and could the kids see that. yes, it is; no, they can't. so, groups of kids will be gawking at the gate next month, and the evil troll may or may not come out to answer questions.