let's tour the house one more time

how sweet to pull up to the house and see a baby racoon trundling across the yard!

the so called kitchen

cool cupboard next to the soon-to-be-replaced fridge

wonderful primitive cabinet that's as old as the house

funky heater

cupboard in the pantry

cupboard on the other side of the pantry

doors to the front porch

a rather tragic section of wallpaper in the parlor

alcove under the back stairs

i've stayed in motels with nastier bathrooms.

wallpaper in one of the closets

cubby under the tower stairs

upstairs between the front & back staircases

hole in one of the closets so you can poke your head into the area under the roof

looking down the front stairs

view of the alcove from the dining room

pullcord behind the front staircase that rings a bell upstairs

drying rack

small field at the edge of the woods (part of the property)

matthew meeting one of the neighbors

this stane has a brother who didn't come out to greet us

pond at the southeast corner of the property

the end