the third weekend of may saw the census rise at the redhouse next to the whoajeeeeezus building; yin/yang - bring in one dead, one notdead. we take one giant step toward eliminating what little empty space remains at 416.

joining our taxipack is the yet unnamed armadillo (suggestions are welcome), proof of the diversity of bounty put forth by ebay (no, we refuse to name him ebay or any derivation thereof). his space invasion quotient is low in that his displacement factor was only vertical; he homes nicely atop the much more cubicly demanding victrola.

though far more diminutive than the armadillo, suzy's list of daily demands only begins with space. she's emotionally fragile, having recently witnessed the rather unpleasant dissolution of her twolegged's marriage, and no amount of warrot worship is considered excessive.

suzy spent her first night in the kitchen on the only free surface large enough for her cage. we went out bright and early saturday morning to an auction at one of the storage centers, and for minimal cash dollars, hairy got a repoed microwave stand. he then threw out a nasty old recliner that had suffered much little dog piss and positioned the microwave-cum-parrot stand in the living room. suzy is making all sorts of odd little babybird noises and has learned the lay of the rooms well enough for successful fly-throughs.

this is suzy's new corner of the world, from which she's free to not like us. fred, who lives in the next room, has been trying to engage her in conversation. suzy ignores him, quite solid in her belief that frickin greys are inferior to greeness and never the twain shall meet. we'll get her a nicer cage once she's a bit more settled in.

there's often more than meets the eye when you get stuff at a storage auction, and suzy's cage stand presented us with all these warzees.

the cuckoo clock is from the auction we went to last weekend; the other clock is from the storage auction.