evil and hairy continue to drag my ass around ithaker. i'd prefer to stay home, but they seem to enjoy using me to tease the neighbors. whenever i try to share the wealth vis-a-vis mastiff poops, hairy immediately snags my offering in a plastic bag. as we proceed on our pointless way, hairy conspicuously carries the translucent bag, gloating to one and all that he bears mastiff turds.

i almost pushed this overly zealous fetchin-dog into the gorge before he ran in terror.

he was denied solace from his twoleggeds. they were appropriately worshipping me.

this is how i stared down the silly brown fetchin-dog and took possession of his twoleggeds.

i don't like evil, but i do like the pepsi bottle she has in her hand. if you chew them, eventually they make a wondermous noise.

i'm so damn cute.

in fact, i'm too cute to delete redundant pictures.

they really take way too many pictures.

evil liked this hairy shadow. hairy would prefer she crop shadows, but she's ornery.

someone should tell evil and hairy that puppies need lots of sleep.

most of ithaker doesn't look like this.

most of the places i walk don't have all this green stuff.

there are mainly sidewalks and streets, sidewalks and streets.

sidewalks and streets are the same color, which makes it hard to see that invisible line where i'm supposed to sit sit sit before we walk walk walk no fooling around across the street.

the other thing that sucks about ithaker is the surfeit of granola nazis. you never come across twoleggeds carrying beef.

the main thing i don't like about ithaker is evil and hairy are here.

i miss canada-ey.

she cropped hairy's shadow here.


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