i, frodo, ey?

what the hell is this aboot, ey? i'm stuck in a car for 6 hours and then get humped by an evil rat terrorist, ey?

i can't believe this is happening to me, ey?

am i expected to get my own lunch, ey?

what would my great grandpa cannon say about the current state of affairs, ey?

if i don't let them photograph my face, maybe no one in west virginia will recognize me, ey?

the ert wants to ask alwaysdrivin if he can be rescued, please, ey?

badpoodle doesn't like me going near the troll, ey?

he says she's HIS troll, but i've heard otherwise, ey?

that's all for now. the evil troll says it's time for me to be locked in the basement, ey?